Party Activity Options [Choose one]

BABY ANIMAL BIRTHDAY PARTY (Only Available During Baby Animal Days)

Visit the Baby Animal Barn to see, pet and learn about chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, goslings, bunnies, lambs, goat kids, young pigs, and a calf. Stop by the Goat Playground to watch the herd of goat kids play and frisk and enter the pen to hang out with the goats. Check out the Chicken Café to enter the chicken yard to mingle with a flock of hens, offering them treats like cracked corn, fruits, & veggies


Enjoy a guided tour of our farm animal exhibits. Feed & pet all the farm animals. That live here at Indian Ladder Farms. Get to know Simon the Donkey and Maeve the Dexter Cow. Visit our sheep & goats. Toss Cracked corn to out chickens and turkeys. Each child will be provided with a basket of fruit and veggie treats and cups of grain to feed their animal friends

APPLE PICKING PARTY (September & October)

Take a scenic, tractor-drawn hayride through our orchard to pick apples. Each child will fill his or her own half-peck paper tote bag with apples to bring home.


Take a scenic, tractor drawn hayride through our farm to the pumpkin patch. Each child gets to pick their own pumpkin to take home.


Parties are held on Weekends & Holiday Mondays. Circumstances permitting, parties also can be held on some weekdays.
• 10 am to 12 pm
• 1 pm to 3 pm
• 4 pm to 6 pm

Party Prices


-Cinnamon Sugar Cider Doughnut, Potato Chips, Apple, Choice of Cider  (seasonal) or Apple Juice

Add Apple or Pumpkin Picking Parties with Hayride


Choice of hotdog, pizza, or Uncrustable PB&J, potato chips, apple and choice of cider or apple juice.

Add Apple or Pumpkin Picking Parties with Hayride

*10 child minimum, Not Including Birthday Party Child Who Gets to Party Free of Charge

Price Includes: 2 Hour Use of Party Tent; Tables & Chairs; Tablecloths; Disposable Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Cups; Personal Party Coordinator to Set Up & Host Your Party & Clean Up.

Important Note: All Food & Beverage, Including Birthday Cake & Adult Refreshments Served at Children’s Birthday Parties Must Be Purchased from Indian Ladder Farms. [Special Arrangements for BYO Birthday Cake Can Be Made at the Discretion of the Chef]

•Birthday child’s family welcome to arrive up to 30 minutes before party start time
•Guests Arrive
•Food Served
•Wash Hands
•Time for Cake & Presents!


•Goodie Bags
Including a selection of the same farm animal toys that decorate the birthday cake plus candy
•Parents May Decorate the Barn

Special Event Request Form

Plus service charge of 22% of total invoice • Plus staffing fee. • Plus tax.