What are Blue Point Oysters?

Authentic “Blue Point Oysters” are grown on boutique farms on the Great South Bay, Long Island. They are hand sorted, and grown in floating bags that use the tide and wave action to tumble them. This growing technique creates a deep cupped shell with clean plump meat. 

Professionally Shucked by The Tall Mutha Shucka

Who is the Tall Mutha Shucka?

Keenan’s been drawn to osysters since 2005, focusing on sustainable farm-raised oysters. Keenan works at Maris Stella Farm in Long Island, where he provides a “dock to dish” shucking service to events around New York State. 

Tall Mutha Shucka

Oyster Stout at 6.6% ABV

Collaboration with the “Tall Mutha Shucka” aka Keenan Boyle who is an oyster farmer on Long Island. We used 6.5kgs of fresh oysters from Maris Stella Blue Points in this chocolaty earthy stout. Made with Pale, Munich & German dark malts. Hopped with our Centennial & Crystal hops & NYS Oysters.

Maris Stella Blue Points

Maris Stella allows their oysters to take on their natural shape, providing them with sufficient space for unencumbered growth in swiftly flowing water. Their Oysters are endowed with robust suite of mineral flavors, and a lipid profile derived from the plankton rich waters of Great South Bay. 


Adult oysters can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.

Oysters filter water as they eat, which helps clarify the water and remove certain pollutants, including nitrogen. This is very important to a marine ecosystem, because excessive nitrogen triggers algal blooms that deplete the water of oxygen and create “dead zones.”

Oyster reefs provide habitat for hundreds of species, as well as providing a natural storm barrier.