What is Cider?

Cider is fresh, unprocessed apple juice. Sometimes juice from other pressed fruits, such as pears, is also called cider. On Indian Ladder Farms we refer to our fresh apple cider as “Sweet Cider. We call cider that has been fermented and contains alcohol “Hard Cider.”

What Apples Do You Use?

We press cider with apples grown on Indian Ladder Farms.

Sometimes the apples used for cider have surface blemishes that affect the appearance but no the fruit. They are perfect for cider!

We use blend different varieties of apples together to make our delicious batches of sweet cider.

Though hard cider can be made from sweet eating apples we also grow several varieties of apples that are specifically used for making hard cider such as Golden Russet. To make ciders such as Cross Pollinator we even press crab apples.

How is Cider Made?

Apples are washed and brushed then enter a grinder where they are mashed into a pulp.

The pulp is spread in a thick layer on a rack and wrapped in a heavy cloth.

This process is repeated to create a stack of racks and layers of pulp.

The stack is then compressed, squeezing the juice from the pulp.

Juice from the apples is collected in a vat beneath the press then pumped through an ultra violet light purifier before entering a refrigerated tank where it is held until bottled and put out for sale.

Apple juice destined to become hard cider is pumped into large tanks where it begins the fermentation process.

How Long Does Sweet Cider Last?

Indian Ladder Farms cider contains no preservatives. Since it is purified with ultraviolet light sweet cider, kept under refrigeration, keeps for approximately two weeks before it begins to ferment.