Sunday May 14th 

For Reservations to dine in the Tasting Room & Biergarten

Call Donna 518-690-5157


Start your Mother’s Day with a beautiful outdoor Yoga Session hosted by Jess!

Reserve Your Spot

Register for 5k

The 5K course will start at 9 AM and will wind thru the Indian Ladder trails.

The kid’s race, Running From Your Mother 1 mile event starts at 10 AM.

Aduts in the 5K race will receive a ticket for a free mimosa for after the race or during a visit to the Tasting Room for brunch.

Join Lisa for Mother’s Day Yoga at 1pm.


Photo of a pie with the orders Mother Day Bake Off May 4th

Inaugural Mother’s Day Bake-Off


Enter your famous pie or cake made with an ingredient that our farm grows during the year –

Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries, Plums, Pumpkin, Squash

Register Here

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu
Sunday 10-4

Close up image of a broccoli quiche

Strawberries & Cream French Toast (vg)
thick-cut white bread soaked in an orange and cinnamon custard, filled with cream cheese & topped with drunken strawberries & fresh whipped cream

Buddha Bowl (v, gf)
smoked sweet potato, roasted broccoli, arugula & pickled red onion, topped with Moroccan chickpeas, fresh avocado slices & everything seasoning
add on over-easy egg +$1

Berry Parfait (v, gf) layers of coconut yogurt, blueberry mousse, fresh strawberries & homemade granola $12

Spanakopita (vg) savory crispy phyllo pie filled with spinach, dill & feta cheese served with a bed of mixed greens & shaved carrots dressed with tzatziki 

Quiche (vg) Miss Donna’s homemade cheddar cheese, caramelized onion and broccoli quiche, served warm on a bed of mixed greens & chevre dressed with apple cider vinaigrette $16

Salt & Pepper Fries (v)
Superstar IPA beer cheese $3 (vg)
beer cheese + chopped bacon $3
vegan cashew cheese sauce $3 (V) 🥜

Colossal Pretzel (vg)
Superstar IPA beer cheese & beer mustard
sub vegan cashew cheese sauce (v)

Chicken Tenders (gfo)
chicken tenders, salt & pepper fries
dipping sauce: ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, habanero buffalo (gfo, v),
Polynesian apple BBQ (gfo, v)

Max Taylor Honey-Stung Chicken Sammich (gfo)
pickle-brined, breaded & fried chicken breast, griddled brioche bun, ILF smoked pineapple honey glaze, habanero cheddar jack, pickle BBQ sauce, lettuce & fancy sauce, served with Taki pickle chips & salt & pepper fries

HelderBurger (gfo)
Highland Hollow Farms beef patty, garlic oil griddled brioche bun, smoked garlic rosemary aioli, lettuce, pickle chips, cheddar, apple-wood smoked bacon & red onion marmalade, served with salt & pepper fries

Make your own mimosa
Order a bottle of cider that comes with 2-3 carafes of juices and garnishes