Free Egg Hunts for Kids!

Saturday April 8th 11 & 1 – Hosted by WEQX 

Sunday April 9th 11 & 1 Hosted by Howard Johnson

We will be collecting donations for the Crop Hunger Walk

Baby Animal Days Banner April 7th - April 30th.
Large rabbit in the hay with colorful eggs around the pen

Easter Brunch

Sunday April 9th

For Reservations Call Donna 518-690-5157

Strawberry Lemon Cream Crepes VG 
strawberry mousse, lemon curd, fresh berries & whipped cream 

Tofu Scramble V 
mushroom bacon, chopped rainbow chard, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, turmeric paste 

Apricot & Strawberry Breakfast Bars VG 
layers of fresh strawberries & apple compote topped with a sweet oat crumble & whipped cream, served warm 

Spring Vegetable Quiche VG 
fresh vegetables & crumbly feta with a rich egg base baked in a buttery crust, served with mixed greens topped with apple cider vinaigrette & toasted pine nuts 

Smoked Ham Plate GF 
dijon & honey basted ham, served with béchamel scalloped potatoes & grilled asparagus topped with a roasted garlic, pine nut & red onion hotel butter

Breakfast Plate
two eggs any style, local bacon or sausage, sourdough or cinnamon raisin toast, served with home fries with local peppers & onions
sub gluten-free toast 

1# Salt and Pepper Fries V
+ Superstar IPA beer cheese sauce 
+ beer cheese & chopped bacon 
+ vegan cashew cheese sauce 

Colossal Pretzel VG V
Superstar IPA beer cheese sauce & beer mustard
Sub vegan cashew cheese sauce upon request

Chicken Wings GF
10 chicken wings, local carrots sticks & celery, blue cheese

 Habanero buffalo (V, GF), Polynesian BBQ (V, GF), Whiskey Bourbon (V), Lemon pepper garlic (V) or Chimichurri Sauce (V, GF)

Chef Laur’s Seitan Wings V
6 farm-made crispy halfmoon wings, local carrot sticks & celery, vegan blue cheese
Sub regular blue cheese or ranch upon request

 Habanero buffalo (V, GF), Polynesian BBQ (V, GF), Whiskey Bourbon (V), Lemon pepper garlic (V) or Chimichurri Sauce (V, GF)

local beef patty, garlic oil griddled brioche bun, smoked garlic rosemary aioli, lettuce, pickle chips, cheddar, apple-wood smoked bacon & red onion marmalade, served with salt & pepper fries
sub gluten-free toast 

Max Taylor Honey-Stung Chicken Sammich 
pickle-brined, breaded & fried chicken breast, griddled brioche bun, ILF smoked pineapple honey glaze, habanero cheddar jack, pickle BBQ sauce, lettuce & fancy sauce, served with Taki pickle chips & salt & pepper fries
sub gluten-free toast 

Two ILFC&B glasses, one with beer, and one with a beer cocktail. With multi colored easter eggs around it in the grass.


Saturday, April 8th 4:00pm

$5 gets you a chance to hunt to eggs containing prizes, & an opportunity to win a chance to SPIN THE WHEEL.

Tickets Here

Children standing in line at the base of a mountain on a farm waiting for an easter egg hunt
Children searching for eggs in a garden