Easter 2022

April 16th – April 17th 

Egg Hunts

April 16th – April 17th
11am & 1pm

Donations will be collected for 518 Ukrainians 

Arrive early as hunts start promptly and are over extremely quickly

Easter Specials

Available in Addition To Our Full Spring Menu While Supplies Last

Saturday 4/16 11-8 & Sunday* 4/17 10-4

*Sunday – Reservations Required for indoor & pavilion seating Call 518 690 5157

Fresh Egg Drop Soup $10 GF
Chopped green scallions, soy-cured ILF farm-fresh egg yolk & tempura mushrooms, from Collar City Mushrooms, in Troy, in chicken broth

Kielbasa Plate $16 GF
Kielbasa, from Highland Hollow Farm, in Schoharie, smoked over applewood in our Franklin-style smoker in the Biergarten, served with caraway-dill kraut & sauce moutarde with ILF smoked pork belly crunch

Pair with: Three Hour Goodbye – Doppelbock – 7.3% abv $7 12oz Glass
“Doppel” meaning “double,” this style is a bigger and stronger version of the lower-gravity German-Style Bock beers. Originally made by monks in Munich (in our case; dreadlocked dude from Altamont), the Doppelbock beer style is very food-friendly and rich in melanoidins reminiscent of toasted bread.

Spring Vegetable Quiche $16
Served with Moonyetta Spring Salad

Collar City Mushroom Risotto $20 Vegan
Asparagus, fragrant mushroom broth, made with assorted varieties of mushrooms from Collar City Mushrooms, in Troy, & Schoharie Valley Farms’ root vegetable melange topped with sweet & crispy firecracker leeks

Pair with: Dew Of The Sea – Botanical Cider – 6.1% abv $6 12oz Glass 
A cider made with estate grown Rosemary. Has a tart and savory flavor, with aromas of bright herbs and sweet apples.

Highland Hollow Farms Smoked Fresh Ham Platter $20
Fresh ham from Highland Hollow Farms, in Schoharie, smoked over applewood in our Franklin-style smoker in the Biergarten served with scalloped Natascha potatoes, from Schoharie Valley Farms, ILF-cider glazed Schoharie Valley Farms carrots, spring peas, ILF-smoked pineapple brandy cherry glaze

Pair with: Uncle John’s Sharp – Hard Cider 6.8% abv $6 12oz Glass
  A blend of Dabinett, Porter’s Perfection, Golden Russet, Kingston Black and bitter sharp apples from Uncle John Ten-Eych’s wild apple tree in his yard here on the farm. Medium-dry, with a smooth apple forward flavor.

Dessert Selection
Hawaiian Jelly Bean Donuts
Farm Made Apple Cider Doughnuts