Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery is committed to maintaining a workplace free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of workplace discrimination. All employees are required to work in a manner that prevents sexual harassment in the workplace. This Policy is one component of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery’s commitment to a discrimination-free work environment. Sexual harassment is against the law and all employees have a legal right to a workplace free from sexual harassment and employees are urged to report sexual harassment by filing a complaint internally with Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery. Employees can also file a complaint with a government agency or in court under federal, state or local anti discrimination laws.


  1. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery policy applies to all employees, applicants for employment, interns, whether paid or unpaid, contractors and persons conducting business, regardless of immigration status, with Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery. In the remainder of this document, the term “employees” refers to this collective group.

  2. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Any employee or individual covered by this policy who engages in sexual harassment or retaliation will be subject to remedial and/or disciplinary action (e.g., counseling, suspension, termination)

  3. Retaliation Prohibition: No person covered by this Policy shall be subject to adverse action 

    because the employee reports an incident of sexual harassment, provides information, or otherwise assists in any investigation of a sexual harassment complaint. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery will not tolerate such retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports or provides information about suspected sexual harassment. Any employee of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery who retaliates against anyone involved in a sexual harassment investigation will be subjected to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. All employees, paid or unpaid interns, or non-employees2 working in the workplace who believe they have been subject to such retaliation should inform a supervisor or manager.

  4. Sexual harassment is offensive, is a violation of our policies, is unlawful, and may subject Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery to liability for harm to targets of sexual harassment. Harassers may also be individually subject to liability. Employees of every level who engage in sexual harassment, including managers and supervisors who engage in sexual harassment or who allow such behavior to continue, will be penalized for such misconduct. 

  5. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation that ensures due process for all parties, whenever management receives a complaint about sexual harassment, or otherwise knows of possible sexual harassment occurring. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery will keep the investigation confidential to the extent possible. Effective corrective action will be taken whenever sexual harassment is found to have occurred. All employees, including managers and supervisors, are required to cooperate with any internal investigation of sexual harassment. 

  6. All employees are encouraged to report any harassment or behaviors that violate this policy. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery will provide all employees a complaint form for employees to report harassment and file complaints. Complaint forms can be found behind the tasting room bar, and in the managers office.

  7. Managers and supervisors are required to report any complaint that they receive, or any harassment that they observe or become aware of, to Dietrich Gehring or Lisa Stewart.

  8. This policy applies to all employees, paid or unpaid interns, and non-employees and all must follow and uphold this policy. This policy must be provided to all employees and should be posted prominently in all work locations to the extent practicable (for example, in a main office, not an offsite work location) and be provided to employees upon hiring. 

What Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery Defines as Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is unlawful under federal, state, and (where applicable) local law. Sexual harassment includes harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, self-identified or perceived sex, gender expression, gender identity and the status of being transgender. 

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome conduct which is either of a sexual nature, or which is directed at an individual because of that individual’s sex when: 

• Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, even if the reporting individual is not the intended target of the sexual harassment; 

• Such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment; or 

• Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting an individual’s employment. 

A sexually harassing hostile work environment includes, but is not limited to, words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation or physical violence which are of a sexual nature, or which are directed at an individual because of that individual’s sex. Sexual harassment also consists of any unwanted verbal or physical advances, sexually explicit derogatory statements or sexually discriminatory remarks made by someone which are offensive or objectionable to the recipient, which cause the recipient discomfort or humiliation, which interfere with the recipient’s job performance. 

Sexual harassment also occurs when a person in authority tries to trade job benefits for sexual favors. This can include hiring, promotion, continued employment or any other terms, conditions or privileges of employment. This is also called “quid pro quo” harassment. 

Any employee who feels harassed should report so that any violation of this policy can be corrected promptly. Any harassing conduct, even a single incident, can be addressed under this policy.

Reporting Process

Preventing sexual harassment is everyone’s responsibility. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery cannot prevent or remedy sexual harassment unless it knows about it. Any employee, paid or unpaid intern or non-employee who has been subjected to behavior that may constitute sexual harassment is encouraged to report such behavior to a supervisor or manager. Anyone who witnesses or becomes aware of potential instances of sexual harassment should report such behavior to a supervisor or manager. 

Reports of sexual harassment may be made verbally or in writing. A form for submission of a written complaint is located in Indian Ladder Farm Cidery & Brewery’s Google Drive folder, behind the tasting room bar, and in the managers office; and all employees are encouraged to use this complaint form. Employees who are reporting sexual harassment on behalf of other employees should use the complaint form and note that it is on another employee’s behalf. 

Complaint forms may be submitted to our General Manager Lisa Stewart or Owner Dietrich Gehring. Employee’s wishing to submit anonymously may do so by typing up the complaint and dropping it off in the safe drop box, or in the managers office.