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We’ve heard your feedback & We’ve mixed & matched the Best of the Best to make room for more farm fun & more participants

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Fantastic Farm Animals & Creations!

This amazing new class will treat you to a week of caring for our animals & garden here on the farm as well as learning hands-on some of the amazing things that can be made from the products that they produce. You will create any number of things like goat soap, candles, felted wool projects, homemade dyes, teas, & sweet treats.

The Whole Farm!

A new class this year that encompasses everything from, taking care of the livestock, planting & tending to our brand new education garden, & seeing what our very own farmers are doing on the farm.

Art on the Farm!

Spend the week on our farm collecting & creating! We will spend time caring for our animals & exploring the farm learning as we create projects & sketches of the wonder & beauty surrounding us. The possibilities are endless! Let’s get our hands dirty & have some fun!

Farm To Table!

Join us as we discover the different parts of the farm & the culinary wonders they offer. We will learn all about where food comes from & how it ends up on your table. Hands-on experience will be given with some of our animals & gathering ingredients in the orchard, berry patch, & garden. Recipes & food prep will lead to a different food or beverage item each day. This holistic approach to the food we eat will teach children the many benefits of eating fresh & local, as well as how to do so each season of the year. Our Farm to Table experience culminates in a tasty treat that your child will have prepared & that you’re invited to share!

Two children outside one of them feeding a baby goat a bottle of milk

Junior Veterinarians!

Calling all future Veterinarians & Veterinary Technicians!!!  Join local Licensed Veterinary Technician Kara Donohue & jump into the world of Veterinary Medicine. Children will learn about & meet a variety of pets including traditional household pets, exotics & large animals. They will meet & work with at least one new animal each day. Participants can expect to learn how to keep pets safe & healthy, as well as what is involved with owning different species of pets. We will learn about grooming, x-rays, view slides on a microscope, listen to heartbeats with stethoscopes, & cuddle lots of animals!  We will have fun with scavenger hunts throughout the farm & make yummy treats for dogs (peanut/allergen free).

We Love Rabbits!

Learn all about rabbits & how to care for them, including cage cleaning, feeding, grooming, exercising & much more. Find out about different breeds of rabbits & what they are used for. Walk rabbits on leashes, make rabbit treats & toys. Groom & prepare your rabbit for the Barn School Rabbit Show held on the last day of the session. Participants will be given their own rabbit to be responsible for during the week of the class.

We Love Goats!

Come out for an exciting week of learning all about goats! Each day will bring a different look into the life of goats & goat farming. You will be learning with a hands-on approach about different goat breeds, goat health, & the overall care of the goats. Fun activities will include milking & grooming. You will learn about different products made by goat farmers & prepare some of your very own.

Little Farmer & Friend!

Calling all the youngsters! We invite you to join your young child as she or he explores the farm. Share in the responsibility & care of our farm animals by keeping them clean, healthy, & happy. Participants will feed, groom, & walk the farm animals on leashes. We will talk about what products we get from the farm & team up with our flock of chickens to create a colorful painting. This class requires an adult to accompany the child for the week but it will be a treat for all involved!

We Love Farm Animals! & We Love Farm Animals! Advanced!

Step into our barn & step into the world of the farm. Share in the responsibility & care of our farm animals. Participate in helping to keep the animals healthy & happy. Feed, water, & groom farm animals. Clean animal pens. Walk the farm animals on leashes. Learn about animal health. Build & create special projects for the animals such as swings for chickens, & platforms for goats. Learn uses of  animal products. Explore & learn about our farm. We Love Farm Animals Advanced goes further in depth & is for those who are currently or have in the past attended We Love Farm Animals!