Fantastic Farm Animals & Creations!

This fantastic class will treat you to a week of caring for our animals & garden here on our farm, while learning some of the tremendous things we can make using resources the plants and animals provide. Through hands-on experience, we will create some of the following: goat’s milk soap, beeswax candles, felted wool items, homemade plant dyes, teas,  sweet treats, and artwork using the nature we are surrounded by!

The Whole Farm!

This class is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of farming and gain hands-on experience from our expert farmers. From caring for the livestock to cultivating and maintaining the education garden, you’ll learn to appreciate every aspect of farm life. As you work alongside our farmers in the orchard, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to grow healthy crops. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to pursue your farming dreams and positively impact the world.

Farm To Table!

Join us as we discover the different aspects of the farm and the culinary wonders they provide. We will learn all about where our food comes from and how it ends up on the table. Our instructor will provide hands-on experience with some of our animals and gather ingredients in the orchard, berry patch, and garden. Recipes and food prep will lead to a different food or beverage item daily. This holistic approach to our food will teach children the many benefits of eating fresh & local, and how to do so each season of the year. Our Farm to Table experience culminates in a tasty treat your child will have prepared to share!

We Love Chicken Chatter!

Join us for a thrilling week of learning everything about chickens! This innovative approach to poultry education will provide you with a unique insight into the lives and care of chickens. You will gain hands-on experience with our diverse chicken flock and learn about various chicken breeds, their health, and overall maintenance. Engaging activities will include chicken-themed games, grooming, and coop enrichment. During your stay, you will also put your newly acquired knowledge into practice by helping us take care of our beautiful flock.

We Love Rabbits!

Learn all about rabbits and how to care for them, including cleaning cages, feeding, grooming, exercising, and much more. Discover different breeds of rabbits and their usefulness to farmers. Make rabbit treats and toys, groom them, and learn the basics of caring for a pet rabbit. Participants will be in charge of caring for our farm rabbits and any visiting bunnies!

We Love Goats!

Come out for an exciting week of learning all about goats! Each day will bring a different look into goats & goat farming life. You will be learning with a hands-on approach about other goat breeds, goat health, & the overall care of the goats. Fun activities will include milking & grooming. You will learn about different products made by goat farmers & prepare some of your very own.

Little Farmer & Friend!

[3 years old to entering Kindergarten with a caregiver]

Calling all youngsters! We invite caregivers to join your young children as they explore the farm. Share in the responsibility & care of our farm animals by keeping them clean, healthy, & happy. Participants will have hands-on experience with our farm animals. They will also engage in creative farm-centered games, cooking with fresh farm food, and Barn Life story times. We will talk about what products we get from the farm & team up with our flock of chickens to create a colorful painting. This class requires an adult to accompany the child for the week, but it will be a treat for all involved!

We Love Farm Animals!

Step into our barn and step into the world of the farm! Share in the responsibility and care of our farm animals. Participate in helping to keep the animals healthy and happy—feed, water, and groom farm animals, clean animal pens, and learn about animal health. Build and create unique projects for animal enrichment, such as swings for chickens and platforms for goats. Learn the uses of animal products. Explore and learn about our farm in a fun way!