NAME THAT BABY! with a picture of a pig


NEW  $10 Per Person
Babies 12 months & under admitted free of charge

Baby Animal Days Exhibit Hours


NAME THAT BABY 2023 Contest
April 7thApril 14th

Help us name the newest Baby Animal Crew!

April 15th WGNA on site to announce NAME THAT BABY WINNER



Easter Weekend

April 8th – FREE Easter Egg Hunts 11 & 1 – WQEX on site!
April 9th – FREE Easter Egg Hunts 11 & 1
                  Easter Brunch in Tasting Room (Reservations Recommended)

Chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, goslings, bunnies, lambs, goat kids, piglets & calves, oh my!

 Come see, pet & learn about baby farm animals in our Baby Animal Barn.

Hang out with the hens in our Chicken Café. Feed them veggies and cracked corn.

Watch goat kids and their mamas frolic in the Goat Playground.

Step into the Kid Pen and get up close and personal with the baby goats. 

School Field Trips

For information about scheduling a school field trip during Baby Animal Days e-mail

Simon a donkey, in his pen with a stuffed animal of a donkey placed in front of him.


Check out our permanent outdoor farm animal exhibits to see what the baby animals will look like when they are all grown up.

Visit with Simon the Donkey.

Get grain from our vending machines to feed Maeve the cow and all her sheep and goat buddies.

Get a gobble out of our Tom Turkey and watch him show off for his lady friends.

Check out the Chicken Coop to see our rooster and hens.



NAME THAT BABY! with a picture of a pig