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Agriculture & Agritourism Specialist

Indian Ladder Farms (Altamont, NY) is hiring a full-time Agriculture & Agritourism Specialist. Indian
Ladder Farms is a century old farm located in upstate New York, 15 miles west of Albany, New York.
The Agriculture & Agritourism Specialist will assist the Farm Manager with farm operations and
maintenance. The duties of this position are:
 Supervise seasonal retail and farm workers;
 Supervise the operation, maintenance and security of the Pick your Own operation;
 Supervise the care of and educate the public on livestock, including young stock;
 Develop educational and sales displays and signage;
 Answer public questions about the farm’s business and products;
 Handle day-to-day customer relations and escalate to the Farm Manager as needed;
 Order and inspect farm supplies and products for resale;
 Use farm-owned vehicles to make deliveries, conduct customer and vendor relations visits, and
pick up supplies and products;
 Build and repair farm, retail and event infrastructure;
 Operate heavy equipment for cultivation, spraying, harvesting, pruning, groundskeeping and
 Research and propose business innovations to the Farm Manager.
A successful applicant must have:
 24 months experience as a Farm Worker planting, cultivating, spraying, harvesting, handling and
storing produce; operating motorized farm equipment including cultivators, tree planters,
fertilizer and herbicide applicators; building, repairing and converting farm, retail and event
structures for pick-your-own, farm market, private events and agricultural education; caring for
livestock including young stock.
 Specialized knowledge of apple and berry crops’ unique harvest timing, storage needs, shelf life,
flavor profiles, uses and preparation techniques.
 Ability to work outdoors in varied weather.
 Current valid driver license with clean record.

Interested parties please email:
Indian Ladder Farms
342 Altamont Road
Altamont, NY 12009