Indian Ladder Farms grows a variety of crops, but we are best known for our apples. We are a 300 acre farm with 60 acres planted in apple orchards and 25 acres of field crops, berries and hay. We grow over 40 different varieties of apples ranging from popular new varieties such as Snapdragon and Honeycrisp to mainstays like Macintosh and Cortland. We harvest apples August through October, offering apples for sale in our Farm Market, Pick Your Own and local stores.

Indian Ladder Farms is a certified-EcoApple grower, adhering to a rigorous protocol that ensures our apples our produced using the most sustainable and ecologically friendly growing practices possible in the Northeastern Region of the USA.

In addition to apples our orchards also produce pears and several varieties of plums. We also grow red raspberries, black raspberries and blueberries along with seasonal summer vegetables. In the fall we offer our own pumpkins for cooking and carving as well as a wide variety of winter squash, gourds and ornamental corn.