Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover only.  Cards may be used in the store only, not in the orchard or berry picking field.  If you choose to pay for Pick-Your-Own by credit card, please pay in the store before you pick.  You will be given a receipt to bring to the field.

Do you accept checks?

We accept checks with a printed name on the check; a telephone number must be provided for contact.   Checks are an acceptable way to pay for Pick-Your-Own in the field and orchard. 

Do you have an ATM machine?

Unfortunately, we do not have an ATM machine at this time.

Can I bring my pet to the farm?

Friendly pets on a leash are allowed outside the retail store and near the barnyard/playground area.  They are also allowed on the nature trail.  Due to Federal Regulations, no animals are allowed in the food growing areas of the farm; we cannot permit any animals in the Pick-Your-Own areas.  Please clean up and dispose of any waste created by your pet.

Is there any entrance or parking fee for visiting your farm?

We do not charge any additional fees for visiting the farm.  You pay for what you pick, meals from the Café, and products you purchase.  We do expect you to pay for all of the fruit and vegetables that you pick.

Do we need to bring our own containers for picking?

For berry picking, you may bring your own container that needs to be pre-weighed before picking. Or, if you prefer, we do have berry containers available.  For all picking other than berries, we will provide appropriate containers.

When is picking available?

For up-to-date picking conditions, please call the farm market at 518-765-2956, or the PYO hotline at 866-640-7425.  Picking conditions can change rapidly, especially during the summer months; it is best to call no more than an hour in advance.

Can professional photographers use the grounds for taking pictures?

Professional photographers must request permission and receive confirmation before arriving at Indian Ladder Farms. Please contact us at (518) 765-2956 for more information.

Are the grounds of the farm open when the business is closed?

To ensure safety for all, the grounds are closed to the public before and after business hours .