Best Pie Apples


Looking for a perfect pie apple?   These are some you might not know:

Idared:  With a tart, spicy and juicy flavor this apple is perfect for pies! It holds its shape well during baking.  Often compared to the Northern Spy apple; Idareds are a perfect choice to give your pies a full rich apple taste while still retaining the texture and shape of the apple.

Rome:  With a tart flavor, and a firm flesh, Rome also know as Rome Beauty are the perfect apple to make a mountain high pie that holds its shape.

Kendall:  This is a MacIntosh type apple, created to taste and perform like a MacIntosh available later in the season.  Its taste is mild and sweet. Kendalls will breakdown during cooking.

Cortland:  Sweet and with a hint of tartness, a perfect apple if you prefer a softer pie, can be paired with other apples that will hold shape and add complexity of flavor to pie.

When making a pie it is best to use a combination of apples that include taste, texture and tartness.  Happy baking!

Apple characteristics to be mixed:

Taste: Kendall, MacIntosh, Liberty

Texture: Cortland, Gala, Jonagold

Tartness: Idared, Rome

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